At hautedog we have once again brought you a pet grooming service in Vile parle, like no other in Mumbai. We make it easy for pet owners to always have the best quality of pet care and dog walking at affordable prices.

Why hautedog?

We believe in cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene. Our team of groomers is here to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. We understand that keeping our pets clean is one of the most important things. Our team will always keep your pet’s hygiene in mind, and focus on their welfare. So that they can be happy inside and out!

“Let hautedog do your pet grooming”

“Hautedog is a pet-grooming service that saves you time and money. With hautedog, pet owners can groom their pets in a timely fashion. They can also schedule grooming anytime they want and at the comfort of their home.”

Dog-friendly ambience

We use modern equipment and modern procedures to give you a better experience. We do not believe in cramming everything into one place; instead, we aim to create an environment that is comfortable for you and your pet

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