In Mumbai, there are many professional pet grooming services available to cater to your pet’s needs. Whether you have a dog or a cat at home, both of them need extra care and attention especially when you cannot be with them physically for a long time. You can get the best service from a pet grooming company in Mumbai. These companies have a complete team of pet experts who can do all the pet grooming services you need like ear cleaning, haircutting, shampooing, nail clipping, and many more. A full-service pet grooming package comes with a deep cleaning shampoo, hair cut, ear trimming, brushing, and body massage that both you and your pet would really love. This is way more than just a bath for your pet.

Pet grooming in Mumbai includes spas to give your pets a relaxing and healthy spa treatment. You can visit a dog spa located at Worli Sea View Park, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Borivali Beach, Hanging Gardens, Bandra Bandstand, Satkhanda Beach, Santacruzan Beach, Andheri Beach, Navi Mumbai, Matunga Beach, Ganapatipuleong, etc. The dog spa experts offer a variety of treatments for different types of dogs including cuts, nail clipping, ear cleaning and hair cuts. The experts would also recommend products for the skin and coat of your dog that would make your pet look beautiful and very healthy. The dog spa at these beaches is the only one where you can find some of the famous brands of dog supplies such as Marmoleum, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Shih Tzu, Poodles, Beagle, German Shepherd, Fox Terrier, Golden Retriever, etc.

Another type of pet grooming service available in Mumbai is cat grooming services. The cat groomers provide a variety of services such as nail clipping, haircutting, shampooing, ear cleaning and the like for your pet cats. The professionals at these cat groomers also provide quality hygiene and grooming, as the cat’s nails and skin are very sensitive and they should be handled with care.

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